Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dry Shampoo Test Results

Hola!  So I've been using Umberto Beverly Hill's Dry Shampoo for a few weeks now and although I don't have anything to compare it to, it's actually been quite nice.  My hair is in the "normal to dry" category, so when I don't wash it after 24 hours, the roots become uber greasy and my head looks like an oil slick.  Not cute.  I've been reading about dry shampoo for ages, but I guess have been too lazy to try it.. until now! 

I picked up Umberto at Target for $9.99 (I believe) and it comes in a decent sized can (4 oz).  I apply it by sectioning off my hair into four parts - left side, middle, right side, and back (where my crown is) and spray each section holding the can about 6 inches away from my head.  It goes on white, but once you rub it in (I do it with my hands AND brush), it immediately gives your hair volume and soaks up all the grease.  However, the white residue doesn't completely go away.  I'm lucky enough where my hair is fairly light, so the dry shampoo just makes it look a bit more blonde on top.  I don't know how well this spray would work on darker-haired people.

Here is a picture of my hair at 8:00pm (13 hours after using dry shampoo, 48 hours since the last time it's been washed) - I know, gross!  But I promise, this is a HUGE time saver for those of us who are not morning people... plus I hear it's bad to wash your hair every day, so that's my excuse.  Let me know what Dry Shampoo you love and I'll check it out!

(It was no make-up day) hehe!


  1. I tried a sample of BigSexy dry shampoo and it worked great! a little pricey for me so then I bought a bottle from Sally's (a can't remember the name of it but it's a black bottle with an orange cap) and it was too powdery for my dark hair it just made it look like i was going gray! lol.

  2. Tylena - Eesh! Yeah I guess with dry shampoos you have to be careful! But I'll definitely check out bigsexy next. Thanks for the recommendation!!