Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Birchox... FINALLY!

Hi loves!!  I have some new followers (thanks to Roz) so I just wanted to say thank you for taking an interest and I look forward to getting to know each & every one of you!!!  I finally received my April Birchbox in the mail (almost 2 weeks late).  I'll spare you the details, but it ends with me tweeting the company in a rage because nobody was getting back to me.  It's normally been on time every month, but for some reason it wasn't.  

For those of you unfamiliar with Birchbox, it's a subscription-based company that sends a monthly box of luxury beauty products for only $10/month!  They've introduced me to so many brands and they also sneak in some goodies in there like NARS, Sephora Collection, AHAVA, etc!  This month, in honor of Earth Day, they partnered with EcoFabulous and greened their box (inside and out) and apparently will continue doing so  This is what their new carbon neutral box looks like:

It's usually pink

And here is what's inside that box:

(Excuse the fugly brown carpet you will see in every picture from here on out)

Once you open it up there is a card sitting on top of the products.  It normally states what this month's box's "theme" is or what they are trying to convey to the customer.  Obviously this month they talk about what they are doing to help the earth and how the products they've chosen tie into the "Earth" theme.

It also lists the products included in your box.  Each box is a bit different depending on the person and the preferences you list when you sign up for the subscription.  This is what mine held!

LIV GRN, Natural Eau de Parfum - Made from biodegradable and sustainable ingredients.  This scent is bright, grassy and laced with orange and neroli.  Plus, 10% of sales go directly to Global Green.  The full size of this Eau de Parfum is $60 for 3.4 fl oz..

Suki, exfoliate foaming cleanser - This is a two-in-one which lathers once you add water and helps with dull skin and clogged pores.  It contains raw sugar, rice flour and organic lemongrass, and a full 4 fl oz size goes for $29.95.

Weleda, wild rose smoothing facial lotion - this is organic rosehip oil and I think the brand is German.  A full size of this would be 1 fl oz for $28.. eesh.  It better be good.

Zoya, Nail polish in "Dove" - they also included the entire spring line on the sample nails - Marley, Dove, Caitlin, Dannii, Jules & Gemma.  A bit disappointed in the color as I already have a gray/taupe-like nail polish already, but I've never tried Zoya before and I hear it's good!  So I won't complain!

Last but not least, they've included a tin of Zhena's Gypsy Tea (Italian Chamomile).  I love it when they do this because even though it's not really beauty related, they try to include other luxury items and who doesn't love that zen feeling of warm organic chamomile tea sliding down your throat?  I love tea if you haven't noticed...

And that concludes my Birchbox blog!  Hopefully next month's box will come on time so you're not waiting forever, but if you are interested, you can just go to their website - and sign up in a matter of minutes.  I believe they're also affiliated with HauteLook (I could be wrong), but I'm not canceling my subscription any time soon!  Even if they are 2 weeks late!!  Hope you guys enjoyed!!  xoxoxoxoxoo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

H2O update!

Hi chicas!  I wanted to give an update on all the H2O products I purchased a couple months ago.  This was my first time using this brand and I had heard pretty good things, but I wanted to give it a bit of time before I wrote a full-on review.  So let's just dive into it!

First of all, I always use the Anti-Acne Clarifying face wash in the morning and evening.  It's a clear green gel which contains 1.5% salicylic acid.  I really like this product a lot - I've noticed a massive difference in how often I break out and it doesn't dry out my face like some anti-acne washes do.  It also smells very refreshing (all H20 products do actually), like citrus and water.  

Then I take a cotton ball and sweep my face with the Sea Clear Mattifying Toner.  It contains marine algae and olive tree leaf abstract that helps mattify shine.  I like this product too, however, you are supposed to shake it before use so it becomes a thicker, white liquid, but when I wipe it on my face some of the white remains.  Most of it absorbs, but that's just an annoying trait that I notice sometimes.  I haven't used toner in awhile, but I think I'm definitely hooked again.  I've noticed this really helps calm down my break-outs and I don't look as oily as I used to.

Before (resting) / After (shaken)

After the face wash and toner, it depends on whether it's morning or evening.  I'll continue with evening because most of the time, I will just put on some moisturizer or primer before my foundation routine.  So at nighttime, I will apply either the Sea Results overnight perfecting peel or the Night Oasis oxygenation energizer serum.  Starting with the perfecting peel - it contains salicylic acid (like the face wash), along with glycolic acid to dissolve dead skin cells and replenish hydration.  It contains anti-aging properties, as well as Vitamins A, B & C.  I like the consistency much more than the Night Oasis serum (which I'll discuss in a minute) because it's a clear gel which absorbs very quickly into the skin and smells quite refreshing.  Honestly haven't noticed any change though (maybe because my skin isn't mature enough?), so I could probably do without this product.  I have noticed my skin is much more clear than it has been, so maybe this is helping with my break-outs as well.. I'm not sure exactly.

Sea Results Overnight protecting peel

On the nights I don't use the protecting peel, I will use the Night Oasis energizer serum.  I'm not such a huge fan of this mainly because of the odd consistency.. it's a thick blue gel that dries pretty sticky.  It doesn't really absorb and just sits on my face until my head hits the pillow.  It's an oil-free serum which is supposed to recharge your skin overnight with a "burst of oxygen-rich nutrients" and some goji glycopeptides (???).  (Google search says that Goji is a berry very popular in traditional Chinese medicine used for multiple things, but one being the firming and tightening of skin).  Again, haven't seen much change using this product either, but I haven't noticed any new wrinkles... so maybe it is working!

Night Oasis oxygenating energizer serum

After that, I am supposed to follow up with the coordinating moisturizer called "Face Oasis ultra hydrator" but the moment I opened the bottle.. I was a bit scared.  It's pretty much the same thick blue gel like the Night Oasis energizer serum above, but it has small white balls (aka Polyvitamin Profusions) included in the gel and they do NOT disappear.  You can try to rub them into your skin for days and they'll just roll around in your hand until your face looks like you have small pox.  Or a bunch of white heads... either way, it looks bad.  So I've never used this, but here is what it looks like!

Face Oasis ultra hydrator (see the white specks??)

Time for the eye creams!!  I have 2 to choose from - Night Oasis overnight eye complex (to compliment the energizer serum and ultra hydrator) and the Sea Results eye mender plus.  The Night Oasis eye complex is another consistency that I just can't get on board with.  It's another blue gel, but a bit thinner than the serum.  It goes on very slick under the eyes and doesn't absorb well.. Basically when I use any of the Night Oasis or Face Oasis lines, I feel like they just sit on your skin.  Maybe it's just my mental predisposition, but for an under eye cream, I need something that's thicker and will absorb.  This is a thin gel that doesn't.  Me no likey.

Hands down I prefer the Sea Results Eye Mender Plus.  This is a thicker, white cream that you can apply both morning and night.  I've even worn this under make-up and hydrates pretty well and it actually goes on pretty light.  It's non-greasy and soaks almost immediately.  Both these products are supposed to reduce lines and prevent wrinkles.  Again, I haven't noticed much of a difference.  

Sea Results eye mender plus

All in all, this isn't a bad skin-care line.  They all have a very nice, refreshing smell and I haven't had any bad results or reactions from any of the products I've used thus far.  However, I don't think I will be repurchasing any of it besides the anti-acne face wash and toner.  I wish I had all the prices for each one, but the H20 website is down right now!  Grrr. I want to say that a couple items were probably a bit pricey for what they are though.  However, they have all lasted awhile (purchased them back in February) and there's still about half left.  I think the toner will be the first thing to go unfortunately.  I believe I saw some H20 products at Ulta or else you can order anything off their website -  Side-note - their customer service is amazing.  My first order was lost, stolen, what-have-you and they immediately replaced it.  They were extremely nice and helpful!

Thanks for reading my loooong review.  I hope this has helped in your search for the perfect skin-care products!!  I know I'm still looking... :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday SNR!!

Hi guys!  I'm doing my Sunday Night Ritual post a bit early because I want to say HAPPY EASTER to my lovelies overseas before they go to bed :)  I hope everyone had/is having a great Sunday, whatever you are doing.

Today, I'll mainly be cleaning and doing laundry since I don't have any family close enough to celebrate Easter with.  Oh well.  Then me and the bf are going to a French wine & tapas bar with a couple of friends for dinner.  We haven't seen them in forever so I'm a bit excited to catch up!

After that will be a mixture of watching the newest episode of Game of Thrones (I'm obsessed) and painting my nails with OPI's "A True Ab-Original".  I love this color because it's a bright coral and I haven't worn it in over a year.  It goes on so well and stays on!  

I'm sure I will do some sort of exfoliating and maybe even a bath, but haven't decided yet.  I hope everyone is having a very special Sunday!  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Face - Kardashian Style

Hi loves!!  It's actually a slow day here at work, so I decided to get ready for the evening a bit early.. at my desk.  I'm heading out to a bachelorette party tonight and thought I would channel my inner-Kardashian and try a very brown smokey eye.  I didn't have all my make-up with me, but I used what I had and this is how it turned out!

I mainly used my Naked Palette with Benefit's "Birthday Suit" as the base color.  I applied Darkhorse all over the lid as well as under the eye.  Then I used "Sidecar" on the inner third and "Creep" on the outer crease just to add even more darkness.  I haven't worn a look this intense in awhile!! 

Then I used my new Make Up For Ever Aqua Creamliner in #2?  I don't know, it's a brown color with no name.  I used that on my top lid and MAC's Kohl Pencil in "Teddy" on my waterline.  Then I LOADED up the mascara with Maybelline's Great Lash in Blackest Black.  I still don't know how to apply false eyelashes yet, so I had to make do.

Then I used Rimmel's "Summer Angel" on my lips and topped that off with some Burt's Bees Super Glossy Lip Shine in "Nectar Nude" - I love this stuff!  It smells and tastes like oranges.  Mmmmmm.

I applied the usual on my face, except this time primed it with Smashbox Studio Finish Oil-Free Foundation primer, which at first I wasn't sure of because it seemed a bit greasy, but after it soaked in, I think I'm loving it... maybe even more than my NARS primer.  Have any of you tried the Smashbox primer??  Tell me what you think!!  I applied Benefit's "Coralista" to my cheeks and I freaking wish I had a highlighter on me so I could be all glowy like the Kardashian's but... I didn't.  So this is how it turned out!  (Excuse the hair..)

Hope you guys enjoyed!  Have a fun Friday night whatever you're doing!!!   xoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lipstick Tuesday!

Hi guys!!  Sorry it's been a couple days since my last post.  Things haven't been the greatest at work, so my mind's been pre-occupied.  But enough with the personal downer - onto the make-up!!  Last week I noticed Ulta was having a "Buy 2, get 2 free" on their lip products, so I decided to pick up a couple.  The first one is a berry/plum color #115 (they don't have names). It's very moisturizing, which you know I LOVE and has a nice shimmer to it too.  It's a bit sheer so you will need to apply a few coats in order to get a solid color on your lips.  Here is what it looks like with and without flash - 

Without flash
With flash

Unfortunately I wouldn't say either picture is representative of the actual color, but it falls somewhere in the middle.  The bottom definitely shows the shimmer though.  It's actually more purple than both of the pictures, but it's nighttime and my lighting is crappy, so I apologize.  I also always apply MAC's Prep + Prime underneath lipstick or some sort of chapstick because my lips tend to feather and flake.  Here is what #115 and MAC's P+P looks like!  This is more true to color than my lips above - 

The second lipstick I got was #126 which was a deep red.  I already own MAC's Dubonnet, so I'm not really sure why I got this color, but whatever!  I have no excuse.  Again, the pictures aren't exactly true to color, but they came out better than the #115.  I just think purple and a camera don't mix.  
Without Flash
With Flash

I actually primed my lip and then outlined with MAC's lip pencil in "Brick" and now looking at this picture, I realize a monkey could've done a better job at outlining my mouth.. good lord.  Anyway, I really like the consistency of this one as well - very moisturizing and a lot more pigmented than the berry color above.  Here's what the actual color looks like along with the lip pencil I used - 

These swatches are a better representation of the colors actually!

The red lipstick lasts a lot longer than the plum one, but probably because it's not as sheer.  I ate dinner with the red one on and it pretty much stayed on.. not so much with the berry lipstick.  That's okay though, because for $8 a piece, including 2 freebies (which I gave away as gifts), really you're only paying $4 for a good quality lipstick!  They have an amazing color range as well!  I never remembered the Ulta collection being this nice, but I think I may have found my new obsession!!!  What lipsticks have you been favoring lately???

Sunday, April 17, 2011

SNR - Take Two

Hi girlies!  This is going to be a short one as I've spent most of the day out shopping with my girlfriend and watching TV with my boo.  I invested an hour of my life watching the HBO premiere of "Game of Thrones" and I might just be hooked.  Damn you HBO.  

Anyway, I didn't have a whole bunch of time to really "pamper" myself this evening, but I did do a nice mud mask from Formula 10.0.6.  I've owned the "No Time to Shine Mud Mask" for a few months now and use it probably once every other week when I feel like my face has been extra oily.  This mask sucks it all up in 15 minutes and leaves my skin feeling very smooth and matte.  It doesn't have the best smell in the world (kind of smells like clay), but it does the job, it's fairly inexpensive ($6-7 I think) and the bottle lasts a loooong time.  

I've been wanting to try their other mud masks for the longest time - "Deep Down Detox" (supposed to brighten your skin with oranges and sea salt) and "Pores Be Gone" (made with berries to help clear blocked pores).  All these can be found at Ulta for your shopping pleasure :)  What did you guys do this Sunday to get ready for the week??  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Recent Faves

Hi loves!!  I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!  It's about 80 degrees here and my make-up is working overtime to keep from melting off my face!!  I wanted to share a couple things that I've been LOVING recently and I highly suggest you check them out if you haven't already!!  Ok, numero uno is... 

Revlon PhotoReady foundation (003 Shell)

Here it is on my hand in daylight

It's a bit more watery than say, the Laura Mercier Oil Free foundation, but it provides ample coverage and goes on like silk!  Now, I don't know if that's in large part due to my NARS primer or if it's just that nice.  I haven't tried it without primer to be honest, but it feels pretty smooth when I rub it into my hand.  It also STAYS on and doesn't make me look like a greaseball after 2 hours of wear.  Yes, I will need to blot about 6 hours into wearing it, but doesn't make me look super oily like I know some foundations do.  I went to the drugstore wanting to pick up a cheaper foundation for the days that I don't want to waste my higher end stuff and this blows everything I own out of the water.  I was pleasantly surprised to say the least and for only $12!  You can't beat that.  Onto numero dos!

YSL Touche Eclat (#2)

I'm pretty sure everyone's tried and loves, but I am pretty new to Touche Eclat and at first I just couldn't justify spending $40 on a concealer.  But I kept reading rave reviews, so broke my bank account and bought it.  I have to say, I jumped on the band wagon immediately.  IT'S. SO NICE.  It brightens up my under eye area and stays put.  It's also very silky which I like better than cream concealers, mainly because I've lost most of my elasticity so I need products that will be very gentle in that area.  This one does the trick and more.  I took a before and after just so you can see the amazing results!

After / Before (sorry wrong order I know)

Here is a pic of me with both the Revlon PhotoReady and YSL TE in the best daylight I could find!!

Numero tres - my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils!  ULTA was (is) having a sale on NYX stuff and these were like, 50% off so I bought a few.  I've always heard what a great base they provide for eyeshadows and well, they're right.  I used "Milk" in the photo above and it definitely made the colors a lot more vibrant than I know them to be.  They're incredibly pigmented and really easy to blend.  I can't wait to use my other colors for more smokey looks!

Pots & Pans - Pure Gold - Purple - Slate - Milk

With flash / Without Flash

Numero cuatro is my new Hot Tools hair straightener.  Again, bought this from Ulta as they were having a 15% off online sale last week, so I couldn't resist.  I don't own a straightener and although I already have stick straight hair, well, you can do other things with it I suppose.  Plus it's so pretty with it's zebra print and pink flowers!!

It goes up to 420 degrees and I believe it is originally $60.  I've used it once and look how much better my hair looks than from the picture above - 

Last but not least (and this is completely non-beauty related), my new favorite place is Half Moon Bay, CA.  If you saw my post a few days ago, I went to San Francisco for work and omg what a beautiful town.  Loves!

Anyway, that's the end of my favorites at the moment.  I hope you enjoyed and let me know what your recent favorites have been!!!  xoxoxoxxoo

Friday, April 15, 2011

Versatile Friday!

TGIF loves!!!  A few days ago the lovely and talented ArtDonatella awarded me with this beauty and I'm just now getting around to responding (sorry for the lateness hun!)  I'm sure all of you are already aware of ArtDonatella but she is an incredibly creative beauty blogger and I aspire to be like her one day!!  Thanks for the award again love and here are 7 things about me you may not know!!

1) Sophie is my cat with whom I have a love/hate relationship. 
2) If I won the lottery, I probably would spend it on make-up and food.
3) Green is my favorite color.
4) I have 3 younger sisters and we all sound exactly alike.
5) People watching is one of my favorite activities (I'm so nosey)
6) My biggest pet peeve is knuckle-cracking.  And dirty floors.  I'm kind of anal about cleaning.
7) Change makes me happy :)

I'm pretty sure everyone has already done this since I'm a slow poke, so I won't tag anyone.  But I implore ALL of you bloggers to take the time and write 7 things about yourself!!  Although I love reading about beauty products, I find people even more interesting and would love to get to know my fellow bloggers!!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading :)  xoxoxoo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I left my heart in San Francisco...

Hi loves!  Tomorrow I head to San Francisco for a couple days and I thought, why not show you what make-up and accessories I pack!  Usually I take my wheely suitcase because it's a work trip and checking luggage takes too long.  That means brininging only the necessities, which is sometimes a challenge, especially when you don't know what the weather is going to be like!  The Bay area is so finnicky like that...  Starting with make-up I'm bringing -

NARS Primer
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 003 Shell - I'm loving this stuff btw!
YSL Touche Eclat #2
Physician's Formula Powder Finish Concealer "Cover Green"
ELF Blush "Tickled Pink"
Naked Palette
Benefit's creaseless cream shadow "Birthday Suit"
MAC Kohl Pencil "Teddy"
ELF Eyeliner & Shadowstick "Glow" & "Pearl"
Sonia Kashuk lipliner "Nude"
Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick "Summer Angel"
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara "Blackest Black"

I know that I'm not going to do any extravagant looks, so I'm only bringing neutral tones.  And everything (including my brushes) fit perfectly in my make-up bag!

I do carry either a lipstick or gloss in my purse for touch-ups, but I really only apply my make-up in the morning.  The days get too crazy for me to even go to the bathroom, let alone powder my face.

Skincare is always the tricky part since I love my skincare products, but all the containers are more than 3 fl oz.  So I end up bringing products I don't necessarily use on a daily basis, but they'll do for the 2 days I'm gone.

Say Yes to Blueberries Facial Towelettes
H2O Face Oasis Dual-action exfoliating cleanser
H20 Marine toner
H20 Night Oasis oxygenating energizer serum
Bliss Triple Oxygen + C energizing cream
Sample of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer
Kiehl's Creamy Eye treatment with Avocado

These all go in a clear plastic baggie, including my "Petite" bottle of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.  I know smarter people buy those empty travel bottles and pour their favorite products into them, but I is not so smart yet.  :-\

Next is accessories!  I always bring a few choices with me because I'm very bad at coordinating outfits when I pack.  I normally throw a bunch of options in there and pick what I'm going to wear the day of.  So I use my little Anthropologie bags to store them in!

Anyway, that's normally how I pack when I go on business trips.  Sometimes my boyfriend looks at all my stuff in disbelief, but I keep telling him I'm actually packing light!  How do you guys pack when you go out of town??  

Monday, April 11, 2011

Favorite Beauty Guru's

I haven't always been hardcore into make-up and beauty products like I am now.  Granted, because I've had bad skin since the age of 12, I am no stranger to cosmetics, but I never had someone to properly TEACH me the basic application process.  Thank god for Youtube, I must say.  This is just a little homage to my favorite Youtube guru's who got me started on this awful obsession that eats at my paycheck every week.  
SamanthaSchuerman aka Sam 
Sam is probably the sweetest human being I've never met.  She's amazing at her craft and always looks AMAZING!  She recently had a baby and was doing tutorials like, a day after returning from the hospital (no joke).  This woman is hardcore and she absolutely adores her followers.  I've learned so much from her and I hope she never stopped Youtubing.  It would seriously break my heart.  Here is one of my favorite videos from Sam (playboy looks are kind of her speciality) <3!

Ahahnbarbie34 aka Hahn
I love this chick, not only because she has balls but she has incredible style.  She's this tiny bohemian-chic girl who knows what she likes and doesn't care what anyone else thinks.  She's incredibly down to earth and her videos ROCK!  Some of them don't even include voiceover - just music and her awesomeness.  She does hair and make-up but I especially love her hair tutorials.  They're so creative and sometimes not perfect - but that's okay.  I've learned to just be myself and do what I like doing - not what a guru tells me to do.  Oh, and did I mention she's a Chicago girl like myself?  LOVE!  Here's one of my faves from Hahn:

Panacea81 aka Lauren
I think most of your are familiar with Lauren, but I do love her still.  Even if her videos aren't as constant as they used to be, I love how she talks to her viewers.  It's like listening to an older sister give you advice on love, life and make-up.  And she's funny.  Who doesn't like a bit of humor whilst applying make-up? I also appreciate how much time she takes to explain techniques and tips.  Lauren has an amazing range of looks and this is just one of them for your enjoyment:

TheStyleDiet aka Anna
Again, another guru loved by all, but she is so cute and I have learned something different from every single one of her videos.  Because of her expertise, my wardrobe is slowly revamping to actually fit my body shape, instead of just the trendy styles at the moment.  I learned that my body is not cut out for skinny jeans and that large belts don't flatter me... obviously I need a lot of help in the fashion department.  She also does great make-up and hair tutorials and has a very detailed video on how to find your undertone (apparently I'm warm, not cool) - sound interesting??  Check her out!!

Last but certainly not least,

gossmakeupartist aka Wayne
He is exceptional at what he does and that's really all I can say about him.  He's flawless to me and I love everything about him.  His videos are short, to the point, and he's 100% honest.  He also bestows wisdom and advice on stuff you would never even think about.  He does his research and wants everyone else to know the truth about make-up and the companies we're spending billions of dollars on every year!!!  Plus he's not bad to look at either ;)  Here's one of my faves from Wayne:

I hope you guys check them out if you aren't familiar already.  I honestly wouldn't have listed them if I didn't truly enjoy everything these ladies (and gentleman) produce.  Please let me know if there's anyone you are loving and I will most certainly check them out!!  Thanks for stopping by!!   xoxoxxoxoxo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Night Ritual

Hi everyone!  So now that I've been blogging for almost a month, I've decided to try and make a couple posts consistent.  My first one is going to be my "Sunday Night Ritual" which you will see every Sunday from here on out.   And if you don't like it, please tell me and I'll try something different!  

I think we all have a Sunday night ritual in a way.  It just helps us unwind and prepare for the week ahead.  Whether it's having a glass of wine and chilling in front of the TV or taking a long bath, we all have some sort of "ritual" and I am going to share mine each week.  However, it will always change since I'm constantly trying new products and doing different things.  

This time my Sunday consisted of taking a looooonnnggg walk around my neighborhood with my love.  First stop - Sephora (obviously) where I picked up some goodies for a fellow blogger ;)  Second stop - Ice cream.  Third stop - Urban Outfitters where I found this little number:

It's so nice and lightweight for summer ($48 I think)

After the lovely walk and shop, we came home and played some Kirby's Epic Yarn (probably the cutest Wii game ever), until I decided to try out a couple new products!  First one being the Pangea Organics Facial Scrub - 

This is just a sample I got in last month's Birchbox (I will do a whole blog on Birchbox for those who are unfamiliar, but basically it's a $10 monthly subscription for samples of luxury beauty products - I love it -  However, I did not love this Facial Scrub.  I'm not familiar with Pangea Organics, but I do like the idea of organic skin care so I was really hoping for the best.  I used the entire sample pack, which was about a quarter-size, and it was pretty effective in regards to exfoliating.  I could feel the raw adzuki beans gently rubbing off the dead skin and left my face feeling pretty smooth, however I absolutely could not stand the smell!!  It honestly smelled like cat food with a bit of lemon.  It's hard to explain, but I had to rinse it off pretty quickly.  I'm fairly sensitive when it comes to smells, so I definitely will not be purchasing this.  I looked on the website and for 3.8 fl oz it's $32.  Not worth it, but if you are big into organic skin care I think you may be interested in the brand -

After exfoliating, I decided to try a Pomega5 Revitalizing Concentrate caplet.  I've never used concentrate before and honestly, I wasn't quite sure what it was, but what the hey?  So I broke one of these babies open and omgggg...

I am falling more and more in love with this brand thanks again, to Birchbox.  They introduced me to their Green Tea Moisturizer a couple months ago and absolutely fell in love with it.  It has a wonderful citrusy smell and it just sinks in making my skin feel like silk.

I'm almost out of my Birchbox sample, so I definitely will need to re-purchase soon.  But back to the concentrate - it's a bit oily at first, but after about 30 minutes, it eventually absorbs.  Apparently each capsule contains over 60% of Omega 5 which is a Pomegranate oil and is supposed to deliver nutrients and restore life back to dull skin.  You are to apply these twice daily after cleansing and toning, then apply moisturizer after the concentrate has absorbed.  Since this is the first time using this product, I haven't seen any results yet, but I LOVE the smell (citrusy - just like the green tea moisturizer) and I like the way it makes my skin feel.  I am going to continue using my sample until it runs out and will let you know how my skin has reacted.  If you are interested in Pomega5, check out their website - - I know they're a bit pricey, but so far I would say totally worth it.

Other than that, I have a couple loads of laundry that need to come out of the dryer and I will probably spend the rest of the evening chilling in front of the TV with my boo.  I hope you all are having (or have had) a nice Sunday evening and let me know what rituals you love doing on Sundays!!  Thanks for reading!!  xoxoxoxoxo