Sunday, April 17, 2011

SNR - Take Two

Hi girlies!  This is going to be a short one as I've spent most of the day out shopping with my girlfriend and watching TV with my boo.  I invested an hour of my life watching the HBO premiere of "Game of Thrones" and I might just be hooked.  Damn you HBO.  

Anyway, I didn't have a whole bunch of time to really "pamper" myself this evening, but I did do a nice mud mask from Formula 10.0.6.  I've owned the "No Time to Shine Mud Mask" for a few months now and use it probably once every other week when I feel like my face has been extra oily.  This mask sucks it all up in 15 minutes and leaves my skin feeling very smooth and matte.  It doesn't have the best smell in the world (kind of smells like clay), but it does the job, it's fairly inexpensive ($6-7 I think) and the bottle lasts a loooong time.  

I've been wanting to try their other mud masks for the longest time - "Deep Down Detox" (supposed to brighten your skin with oranges and sea salt) and "Pores Be Gone" (made with berries to help clear blocked pores).  All these can be found at Ulta for your shopping pleasure :)  What did you guys do this Sunday to get ready for the week??  


  1. This sounds like an excellent mask. Just what I need!
    Why, oh why, don't we have Ulta?


  2. @Miss A - I feel the same way when I read your blog :-P

  3. I wish we had ulta and half the products people mention in Australia.( I seriously want to come over to US mainly for the reason to go shopping) Fortunately I actually have access to this mask, its great isn't it? the pink one stings my skin a bit, the but the green and range ones are great. so cheap!

  4. @katelin xoxo - come visit and I'll take u to ulta!! Good to know about the pink mask tho. Maybe I'll stay away from that one..