Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lipstick Tuesday!

Hi guys!!  Sorry it's been a couple days since my last post.  Things haven't been the greatest at work, so my mind's been pre-occupied.  But enough with the personal downer - onto the make-up!!  Last week I noticed Ulta was having a "Buy 2, get 2 free" on their lip products, so I decided to pick up a couple.  The first one is a berry/plum color #115 (they don't have names). It's very moisturizing, which you know I LOVE and has a nice shimmer to it too.  It's a bit sheer so you will need to apply a few coats in order to get a solid color on your lips.  Here is what it looks like with and without flash - 

Without flash
With flash

Unfortunately I wouldn't say either picture is representative of the actual color, but it falls somewhere in the middle.  The bottom definitely shows the shimmer though.  It's actually more purple than both of the pictures, but it's nighttime and my lighting is crappy, so I apologize.  I also always apply MAC's Prep + Prime underneath lipstick or some sort of chapstick because my lips tend to feather and flake.  Here is what #115 and MAC's P+P looks like!  This is more true to color than my lips above - 

The second lipstick I got was #126 which was a deep red.  I already own MAC's Dubonnet, so I'm not really sure why I got this color, but whatever!  I have no excuse.  Again, the pictures aren't exactly true to color, but they came out better than the #115.  I just think purple and a camera don't mix.  
Without Flash
With Flash

I actually primed my lip and then outlined with MAC's lip pencil in "Brick" and now looking at this picture, I realize a monkey could've done a better job at outlining my mouth.. good lord.  Anyway, I really like the consistency of this one as well - very moisturizing and a lot more pigmented than the berry color above.  Here's what the actual color looks like along with the lip pencil I used - 

These swatches are a better representation of the colors actually!

The red lipstick lasts a lot longer than the plum one, but probably because it's not as sheer.  I ate dinner with the red one on and it pretty much stayed on.. not so much with the berry lipstick.  That's okay though, because for $8 a piece, including 2 freebies (which I gave away as gifts), really you're only paying $4 for a good quality lipstick!  They have an amazing color range as well!  I never remembered the Ulta collection being this nice, but I think I may have found my new obsession!!!  What lipsticks have you been favoring lately???


  1. Ah yes the problem of trying to get purpley shades to look right in pics, that winds me right up. Love the shades though. I'm favouring coral and bright pink at the moment, I can carry coral off with a bit of fake tan on and it suits the bright, warm weather we're having :) xx

  2. I WISH I could carry off coral like you can! Unfortunately it just looks weird with my hair & skin tone :(