Tuesday, April 26, 2011

H2O update!

Hi chicas!  I wanted to give an update on all the H2O products I purchased a couple months ago.  This was my first time using this brand and I had heard pretty good things, but I wanted to give it a bit of time before I wrote a full-on review.  So let's just dive into it!

First of all, I always use the Anti-Acne Clarifying face wash in the morning and evening.  It's a clear green gel which contains 1.5% salicylic acid.  I really like this product a lot - I've noticed a massive difference in how often I break out and it doesn't dry out my face like some anti-acne washes do.  It also smells very refreshing (all H20 products do actually), like citrus and water.  

Then I take a cotton ball and sweep my face with the Sea Clear Mattifying Toner.  It contains marine algae and olive tree leaf abstract that helps mattify shine.  I like this product too, however, you are supposed to shake it before use so it becomes a thicker, white liquid, but when I wipe it on my face some of the white remains.  Most of it absorbs, but that's just an annoying trait that I notice sometimes.  I haven't used toner in awhile, but I think I'm definitely hooked again.  I've noticed this really helps calm down my break-outs and I don't look as oily as I used to.

Before (resting) / After (shaken)

After the face wash and toner, it depends on whether it's morning or evening.  I'll continue with evening because most of the time, I will just put on some moisturizer or primer before my foundation routine.  So at nighttime, I will apply either the Sea Results overnight perfecting peel or the Night Oasis oxygenation energizer serum.  Starting with the perfecting peel - it contains salicylic acid (like the face wash), along with glycolic acid to dissolve dead skin cells and replenish hydration.  It contains anti-aging properties, as well as Vitamins A, B & C.  I like the consistency much more than the Night Oasis serum (which I'll discuss in a minute) because it's a clear gel which absorbs very quickly into the skin and smells quite refreshing.  Honestly haven't noticed any change though (maybe because my skin isn't mature enough?), so I could probably do without this product.  I have noticed my skin is much more clear than it has been, so maybe this is helping with my break-outs as well.. I'm not sure exactly.

Sea Results Overnight protecting peel

On the nights I don't use the protecting peel, I will use the Night Oasis energizer serum.  I'm not such a huge fan of this mainly because of the odd consistency.. it's a thick blue gel that dries pretty sticky.  It doesn't really absorb and just sits on my face until my head hits the pillow.  It's an oil-free serum which is supposed to recharge your skin overnight with a "burst of oxygen-rich nutrients" and some goji glycopeptides (???).  (Google search says that Goji is a berry very popular in traditional Chinese medicine used for multiple things, but one being the firming and tightening of skin).  Again, haven't seen much change using this product either, but I haven't noticed any new wrinkles... so maybe it is working!

Night Oasis oxygenating energizer serum

After that, I am supposed to follow up with the coordinating moisturizer called "Face Oasis ultra hydrator" but the moment I opened the bottle.. I was a bit scared.  It's pretty much the same thick blue gel like the Night Oasis energizer serum above, but it has small white balls (aka Polyvitamin Profusions) included in the gel and they do NOT disappear.  You can try to rub them into your skin for days and they'll just roll around in your hand until your face looks like you have small pox.  Or a bunch of white heads... either way, it looks bad.  So I've never used this, but here is what it looks like!

Face Oasis ultra hydrator (see the white specks??)

Time for the eye creams!!  I have 2 to choose from - Night Oasis overnight eye complex (to compliment the energizer serum and ultra hydrator) and the Sea Results eye mender plus.  The Night Oasis eye complex is another consistency that I just can't get on board with.  It's another blue gel, but a bit thinner than the serum.  It goes on very slick under the eyes and doesn't absorb well.. Basically when I use any of the Night Oasis or Face Oasis lines, I feel like they just sit on your skin.  Maybe it's just my mental predisposition, but for an under eye cream, I need something that's thicker and will absorb.  This is a thin gel that doesn't.  Me no likey.

Hands down I prefer the Sea Results Eye Mender Plus.  This is a thicker, white cream that you can apply both morning and night.  I've even worn this under make-up and hydrates pretty well and it actually goes on pretty light.  It's non-greasy and soaks almost immediately.  Both these products are supposed to reduce lines and prevent wrinkles.  Again, I haven't noticed much of a difference.  

Sea Results eye mender plus

All in all, this isn't a bad skin-care line.  They all have a very nice, refreshing smell and I haven't had any bad results or reactions from any of the products I've used thus far.  However, I don't think I will be repurchasing any of it besides the anti-acne face wash and toner.  I wish I had all the prices for each one, but the H20 website is down right now!  Grrr. I want to say that a couple items were probably a bit pricey for what they are though.  However, they have all lasted awhile (purchased them back in February) and there's still about half left.  I think the toner will be the first thing to go unfortunately.  I believe I saw some H20 products at Ulta or else you can order anything off their website - www.h2oplus.com.  Side-note - their customer service is amazing.  My first order was lost, stolen, what-have-you and they immediately replaced it.  They were extremely nice and helpful!

Thanks for reading my loooong review.  I hope this has helped in your search for the perfect skin-care products!!  I know I'm still looking... :)


  1. Don't know if we have it over here, but thanks for the review :)
    I'm a skincare addict and love to read about different brands and how products work (or, sometimes, don't work).


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  2. Great review hun, very detailed! Never heard of this brand before! :) xo

  3. Brilliant review, so much detail covered so well done. I've heard of H2O but never tried it.

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