Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Night Ritual - I'm back baby!

Hi loves!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.. I know I did :)  Yesterday I went shopping with my boo and then we saw Bridesmaids at Arclight.  If you haven't seen it, please do - it's sooo funny!!  And although we saved all the laundry and cleaning for Sunday, it was actually pretty relaxing.  We even ordered groceries from I know, lazy, but it's just one of those days.  

So with all my free time, I was able to paint my nails and went with my go-to summer color "A True Ab-Original" by OPI.  I think I've posted this before, but without the NOTD shot, so here's a picture of it on my pathetically short, stubby nails...

Then I treated myself to a hair mask, since I received a sample in either a Sephora purchase or an old Birchbox.. I honestly can't remember.  It's the Phyto Phytodensium Mask, which you can buy at Sephora for $38, and it's an anti-aging hair mask... so funny to think that your hair ages!  It's actually pretty well-reviewed and I have to say, it's very nice so far.  It makes my hair feel very smooth and silky, but it's also supposed to maximize volume which I haven't noticed yet.  Most likely will do in the morning when it's completely dry.  To be honest, my hair is pretty healthy as I hardly ever color or blow-dry it (I like to air dry if possible), as I can't stand unmanageable straw-like hair.  So we'll see how my hair responds to this mask.

I also applied a fake tanner and foot exfoliant, but I'm not going into more detail as I want to review both thoroughly later in the week.  And I do apologize for being so lacking on posts lately, but I think things are calming down and my posts will start to be more regular like they were.

And now I am waiting for my wonderful English boo to finish cooking our Sunday roast, so we can sit down and enjoy a new Game of Thrones.  Seriously, if you haven't gotten into that show, you're missing out.  Anyway, I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and unfortunately it's back to the grind tomorrow but... at least it's summer!!!!  

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