Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inglot Eyeshadow Review & More..

Hi ladies :)  Over the holiday weekend I attended a lovely wedding in Newport Beach, which happens to be near the only Inglot store in California!  So, of course I went down early to scope it out!  I ended up getting a 10 eyeshadow palette from their Freedom System and a brown eyeliner, because a sister (who will remain nameless), took my MAC Teddy... grr.  Anyway, for those unfamiliar, Inglot's Freedom System is where you can pick any color blush, eyeshadow, lip product, etc and place them in a palette of 3, 5 or 10 (I believe).  This is what I picked up! 

10 eyeshadows for $50 (pretty good deal, huh?)

I do apologize as I don't have the exact numbers of each color and I seriously cannot figure out how to get these suckers OUT of the palette... super easy to get them in, but that magnet is strong!!  But anyway, here is the swatch for the first row respectively over Too Faced Shadow Insurance - 

And the swatch for the second row - 

I looooove the two olive/green colors and I actually ended up wearing them to the wedding.  If I find a good picture, I will definitely post it for you.  However, I must say I was a bit disappointed in the blendability of the shadows.  The colors are fabulous, but I did have a rough time getting a nice smokey eye without blotching.  Has anyone else had this problem??  I wonder if it's just the primer I'm using, but the pigment is great and I'm not going to complain about that.

However, I'm not at ALL disappointed in the eyeliner!  It's so smooth and dark and stayed on forever.  They have a couple Soft Precision brown pencils and I chose #21 which is the darker of the two.  Here is what it looks like - 

I think the next time I visit, I will get a blush palette and some nail polishes.  My wallet just didn't allow me to buy everything since I lost my sunglasses on the boat and had to buy a new pair!!  Which I'm very happy with :)

How did you guys spend your holiday weekend and what do you love from Inglot??  I need suggestions for next time!!

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