Sunday, May 1, 2011

SNR - Bath time Edition

Happy May Day everyone!  I can't believe it's already May and I've been blogging for almost 2 months now.  Time just flies huh?  Anyway, I've had a pretty rough week with my fridge dying on me and then getting into a car accident Friday night, so I knew a bath was definitely in order this weekend.  

I have some Lush bath bombs still sitting in their packages, but I really wanted to use this Pumpkin spice bath bomb I received as a hotel amenity in San Francisco last month.  Half Moon Bay, CA is the country's "pumpkin capital", hence the pumpkin spice choice, but I mainly wanted to recapture that feeling of serenity and calm while I was there.

It's created by this company called Me! Bath which headquarters in Los Angeles.  However they are sold in spas, hotels and random salons all over the country.  You can find which retailers carry them on their website - - but can I just say... I reallllyyy enjoyed this one.  I love pumpkin smells anyway and I know it's a bit odd since it's halfway into Spring and pumpkin is more of a fall/winter smell, but I don't really care.  Not only did it smell amazing, but it's made with 20% shea butter and made my skin feel so smooth.  

I put the whole bomb mainly because I was too lazy to cut it up, but it dissolves in about 2-3 minutes and this is what my bath looked like:

It made me really want a pumpkin pie or a Thanksgiving dinner.  It's actually got me thinking about the holidays already... is that sad?  They're only 7 months away people!!!  Anyway, the bath was exactly what I needed and now my skin is silky and my demeanor relaxed.  The rest of the evening I will probably spend doing laundry & cleaning.. like every regular Sunday :)  What did you guys do this evening??

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