Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hi loves!

I'm so sorry for being completely MIA the past few days.. I didn't even get around to doing my Sunday Night Ritual post and I've been kicking myself for it!!  I just wanted to let you know that for the next couple week I won't have a whole lot of time to post, but I wanted to say 'hi' and welcome to all my lovely new followers!!  

Also, for those who know me well, Anthropologie is my obsession and I just found their friggin' wedding line!  Now, I'm not getting married any time soon, but if you are and if you like pretty things, go here -->  www.bhldn.com (pronounced "Beholden")  And here are some pretty pictures for your enjoyment :)  Love to you all!!!!  xoxoxoxo


  1. OMG the dress in the final photo looks stunning.

    Take your time hun and post when you can, we'll still be here.

  2. @cornflakegirl - thanks sweetie :) And I totally agree with you about the dress! Actually, I feel the same about almost every dress in their collection. It's all so romantic!!

  3. As a new follower - hi!

    And as for those photos - they look absolutely stunning.x

  4. @cornflakegirl - I thought I had replied to you awhile back, but I think blogger deleted it.. grrrrrr. Thanks for your patience & support! This is the first time on blogger in almost a week and I have so many posts to catch up on!!!

    @Jenny - Hi Jenny! Welcome and thanks for following!! I love this site so I hope you were able to peruse :) :)