Saturday, May 28, 2011

Falsies Trial - Success!

Hi loves!!  After months of trial & error, I finally managed to glue both false eyelashes on successfully and have them last an entire night.  You have no idea how proud I am of myself!  Anyway, I just wanted to show you because I think they are fantastic and I was curious which falsies you prefer??  I used NYX's 110 and they are so long and fabulous, I couldn't have been happier!!  However, they didn't come with glue so I used DUO which dries clear and goes tacky pretty fast, so I was very happy with the overall result.

I apologize for the redness.. my eyes weren't used to the glue and the heaviness of the lashes, so they were watering like a mother for the first half hour or so.  But then I hardly noticed them all night, so it was totally fine.  YAY!  What do you guys think???


  1. You look fab! Reminds me I need to keep practicing with them, I suck with falsies.

  2. Oh, very good hun!! They look great on you, I know how you feel when you say it's hard to apply them, it's a pain really! xoxo

  3. Well done hun! They look super long - very pretty :)

  4. @Roz- yes, practice makes perfect right?? I honestly don't know if I will actually be able to do it again, but we'll see!!

    @ArtDonatella - thanks love! SUCH a pain but totally worth it in the end..

    @Katey - thanks hun! They were so soft & long.. definitely will be repurchasing!!