Monday, May 2, 2011

NYX Pearl Pigments

Hi darlings!  How's everybody's Monday going??  Mine was okay until I was handed a package from and immediately perked up.  This was my first pigments purchase after reading a lot of reviews and blogs, so I decided on NYX, which was reasonably priced and I feel is pretty good quality.  I haven't swatched a whole lot of pigments, but am pretty happy with most of the colors that came in the 12-pack.

First of all, there are 12 pigments for $21 on  They are .06 fl oz each, so total you are paying $21 for .72 fl oz of pigments.  A MAC pigment is .15 fl oz for $19.50, so I think I got a pretty good deal.  Plus it comes in so many amazing colors!

(This pyramid was extremely difficult btw)

The swatches are below, but I must say the only thing I was not a fan of was the packaging.  It comes in a bottle shape, instead of a completely open cap like a MAC pigment.  So you either have to dip your brush into the bottle or tap it out onto a surface, which I guarantee you will waste a lot of the product that way.  So I took a brush and applied it on the back of my hand over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  


First swatch trial - I think Nude Pearl may just be my new favorite highlighter!  They are all pretty shimmery except for Rust Pearl.  Some contain more glitter than others, but every color is so radiant.  I'm already thinking of fun looks to do with these!!

White Pearl, Nude Pearl, Yellow Gold Pearl, Sky Pink Pearl, Penny Pearl, Rust Pearl

2nd swatch trial is below, but sidenote - the black is completely matte and the green came out a bit more yellow than I was hoping.  It's called "Lime" so maybe that's an accurate representation.  And the blue wasn't as bright as I was hoping.  Oh, but how gorgeous is Silver Pearl??

Mocha Pearl, Silver Pearl, Walnut Pearl, Black Pearl, Ocean Blue Pearl, Lime Pearl

I wish I had some fix plus or eye drops to show you the foiled version, but I don't.  I'll do a look with it soon though and show you that way.  Hope you liked this and since they're SO cheap, I was thinking about doing a giveaway once I reached 25 subscribers.  Let me know if you would have any interest winning these little beauties!  And maybe more... ;)


  1. These look great, I really like the look of Nude Pearl and Gold Pearl.

  2. Oh wow! I like them all! Great deal for such quality! :)


  3. awesome deal! I love a good deal especially on makeup :)
    I wanted to ask you if you have a favorite eye makeup and makeup remover...I've tried a couple and can't find one that I like...
    and you should totally give these away!

  4. @cornflakegirl - I know, Nude & gold look sooo pretty!

    @ArtDonatella - It's amazing how cheap some good quality products can be!

    @Tylena - that is a GOOD question!! I don't have any favorite eye make-up brands per se, but I do love the Urban Decay Naked Palette - it has every color imaginable for an everyday look. I also really like NARS and MAC shadows, even though I can't really afford them, lol.

    My make-up remover has either been L'Oreal Oil-Free which you can buy at any drugstore or MAC's for sensitive eyes (I wouldn't suggest spending your pennies on this though) - I heard that olive oil does WONDERS for taking off make-up and making your skin feel super smooth. I haven't tried it yet because I think Adam would wonder why I'm using his cooking oil for a beauty regime, but you should try it & let me know!!!

    Btw - you're my 24th subscriber, so one more and I'll be ordering more of these pigments to give-away! YAYY!!

  5. I love getting packages!! its such an exciting thing that brightens up my day (I got one the other day, but i had to wait to open it because i had company) those pigments are amazing!! would love to see an 'eye of the day' so we can see how you use them:)

  6. @katlelin - I think I'll do an EOTD over the weekend :) Stay tuned!