Thursday, March 24, 2011

H20 is a necessity.

So let me be clear – I am no expert on skincare but I have had HORRENDEOUS skin since the age of 13 and consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the subject.  I’ve been suffering from major acne starting at a young age – trying everything from ProActiv to Retin-A to pretty much anything with Benzoyl Peroxide in it.  I’ve seen probably about 10 dermatologists in my life (mind you, I’ve moved quite a lot), and now that I’m older I not only have to look for oil-free, acne-fighting solutions, but anti-aging as well!!  In the past year I’ve tried Philosophy and Dermalogica, which I will post separate blogs on those 2 products later.  But for this one I wanted to talk about my most recent skincare purchase – H20.

For those who don’t know, H20 is a skincare company based in Chicago, but they have stores all over the U.S. and internationally as well.  Their concept is basically formulas created from sea minerals and antioxidants.  You can check them out here à 

It intrigued me because I’ve never really explored the more ‘organic’ side of skincare before.  Honestly, I thought for years the more it stung the better!!  So these are the products I got:

Sea Results overnight perfecting peel
Sea Clear mattifying toner
Night Oasis oxygenating energizer serum
Sea Results eye mender plus
Night Oasis overnight eye complex
Anti-acne clarifying face wash

They also included a free gift (which came in that cute brown & blue bag):
SPA unscented hand & nail cream
Marine toner
Face Oasis ultra hydrator
Face Oasis dual-action exfoliating cleanser
Night Oasis oxygenating energizer serum (which I already got, but they gave me another sample)

I chose these products based on the quiz you can take via their website.  It’s really quick and handy because some of the products I had absolutely no idea what they meant!  Like, Face Oasis ultra hydrator – ok, that’s just a moisturizer.  But it took me awhile to figure it out!!  Maybe I’m just slow…

Anyway, I’m going try these for a week and let you know how I like them.  I am a bit overwhelmed, but excited at the same time! 

Let me know what your skincare regime is and if you have any tips!!!


  1. I love H2O oasis hydrator.... the sphere thingy in the moisturiser is the only con.

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