Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Thread or Not to Thread

For the past few months I have been religiously getting my eyebrows threaded and I absolutely love it.  Yes, it's sometimes painful, but it's probably the best method I've come across.  For years I used to get them waxed, but now that I've gotten older, I am noticing my eyelids starting to sag (not good!) and I don't know if that's from the constant waxing or just gravity.  Either way, I wanted to find a better solution. 

Then my friend Angie (who took all these lovely pictures you will see below) introduced me to threading.  I was desperate because at the time I was just tweezing, which is okay but my tweezers were unable to reach the REALLY fine hairs.  So I went for it and have never looked back.  For those of you unfamiliar with threading, it's literally twisted threads rolling over your hair and plucking in a very precise, sweeping motion - look it up! 

I've posted before and after pictures just to show you what a good job it does!

After (excuse the redness)

Here are some action shots so you can see the full effect -

Look at the left eyebrow and compare to the right - see how much better?!

I highly recommend this process as it's really fast (my technician can do it in under 2 minutes - I swear) and it doesn't cause any sort of pre-mature aging to your eyes.  I know I can't fight aging, but I can definitely find ways to prevent it.  Also, I've noticed less and less hairs growing back, which is great!  Before I was going about once every 5-6 weeks, but now I can probably go once every 2 months!  Oh, and have I mentioned how cheap it is?   I don't know about other places, but my local fav charge $11!  I think for waxing I used to pay $15-$20. 

So that's my beauty tip of the day :)  I hope you guys enjoyed and let me know what your favorite hair removal process is!  Have a fabulous Hump Day!!


  1. I love threading ever since I discovered it last year. I've had an allergic reaction to almost every kind of wax I've tried so was at my wits end as to what to do next but then I discovered threading and I haven't looked back. My favourite place costs €12 which for Dublin, Ireland is pretty cheap. In fact I just got mine done today in The Body Shop of all places for the same price (the threading is actually done by the people from the salon I normally attend,)and they're the best they've ever looked so I will make a point of going to the same woman again.

  2. @cornflakegirl26 I can't believe The Body Shop offers threading!! Who knew?! I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I do!

  3. Hey hun, didn't know you'd started a blog! How exciting, I love it! By the way, have you seen the Introducing posts on my blog? I'd love to feature your blog so if you want, e-mail me your answers to the questions and a pic you'd like used and I will get you scheduled in :) xxxx

  4. Ash! For waxing/threading-- check out some indian places in the LA area. You can get a really great job done for cheap. (that's the plug for my people. woot!)


  5. Lol thanks chik. My lady is actually Indian, Pushpa, and I refuse to see anyone else.. Shes so good! But I may take a look around at cheaper threading places. I just don't know of any prominent Indian neighborhood in LA where I would find them. Call ur pol and do some research for me, k? Thx.